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I'm tryna be more than a name or a face in the crowd. Designed by God, so I MUST be special. Chea!

I ♥ Mariah Carey, my family, my music and a great piece of fried chicken more than anything else in this materialistic, unethical world. I drink, I smoke, I kick ass and I curse. I couldn't be further from perfect, I just hope that when judgement days comes, God isn't too picky about what fucked up shit he'll let me pass for.

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"did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion by 0%"

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Black people police themselves so much in public



And they don’t even think about it. Don’t talk too loud, don’t make too many requests, don’t complain too forcefully about shitty service, put up with weird ass slightly racial compliments. And sometimes we joke about it like “lol! Better not do (normal human thing) cuz then people might think we’re uncivilized niggers” but it’s a painful constricting way to live. And not a type of way of living that non-Black people will understand


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